We will be accepting applications for new members for the second half of the 2021-2022 league year starting in November.

If you would like to receive an email when applications for the next provisional class are being accepted, please email us.

Why Should I Join JWL ?

The Junior Women's League of Smithfield reaches out to women of all races, religions and national origins who demonstrate an interest in and a commitment to volunteerism and to the community.  A volunteer with The Junior  Women's League of Smithfield has an opportunity to develop herself and build friendships through the League's structured and supportive environment while, most importantly, making a positive impact on the community.

Benefits of Membership

  • Training for effective community leadership and personal development

  • Insight into community needs and strategies to dealing with them

  • Exposure to the administration of nonprofit agencies

  • Opportunities for utilizing your skills and for developing new ones

  • Opportunities to volunteer in the community through well organized projects

  • Access to new friends and new ideas

  • Membership meetings with educational speakers (community leaders, motivational speakers and others)

  • Participation in exciting fundraisers and special events

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to be a JWL member? The only mandatory cost for members are annual dues, and JWL currently offers four membership scholarships in an effort to make membership accessible. All other member requirements can be met at no cost to the members. If a member chooses, she can meet most requirements by paying a buyout, if that is her preference.

  • I live just outside Johnston County, but it’s where I work, consider home, etc. Can I join? Yes, if you’d like to make a difference in Johnston County, we would love to have you join JWL! Being a resident of Smithfield or Johnston County is not a requirement.

  • What is the time commitment like? JWL has General Membership Meetings once per month, and Provisional and General members are required to attend at least five per year. Provisional members joining in the first class by July 31, 2021 must complete a minimum of twelve volunteer hours throughout the course of the League year. Provisional members joining in the second class by December 15, 2021 must complete a minimum of of four volunteer hours throughout the remainder of the League year and attend three General Membership Meetings. There are many other opportunities including socials planned by our Membership Engagement committee and personal development workshops offered by our Member Development committee that are optional. There are also opportunities to serve on committees, which will require additional time. We are certainly cognizant that everyone has busy schedules and that this is a volunteer organization, but we typically find that members get out of the League what they put in!

  • What is the age requirement? Women must be at least 22 years of age by July 1st, 2021. We welcome women of all ages and experiences.

  • I have been extremely cautious during COVID-19, as I am high risk. Will there be volunteer opportunities that will allow me to maintain distance? We completely understand your concerns. The safety of our members is very important to us. It is something we have and will consider with our volunteer opportunities moving forward. The league will not ask you to take part in activities that make you feel uncomfortable. There will be a variety of volunteer opportunities, some of which are more conducive to social distancing, like Blessing Box stocking and Plant A Row (planting, tending, and harvesting from a garden), and serving on a committee, and you could certainly wear a mask if that would make you feel more comfortable for any volunteer opportunities you choose to participate in for which social distancing is not as feasible.

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