For the 2020-2021 service year, the Junior Women’s League has chosen to work with and support the following community organizations through volunteer service and fundraisers.

The Partnership for Children of Johnston County is a non-profit organization that helps improve the safety, health and emotional well-being of young children, by enhancing the quality of childcare, supporting strong families and reaching out to at-risk kids. They work collaboratively with like-minded organizations and strive toward early childhood education and school readiness for all children residing in Johnston County.


The Partnership for Children’s vision is that Johnston County’s children will be given all the educational, health and emotional support they need to grow into engaged and productive members of our economically thriving and globally competitive community.

As Johnston County's only nonprofit agency for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and women in transition, Harbor provides safe, compassionate, and advocacy services, resources, and programs. Harbor has a team of highly credentialed and experienced staff and volunteers  who work diligently to assist women and children in need.

Harbor is a private non-profit agency that was created in 1984 with $500 and a donated phone line. Over 30 years later they are still committed to serving women and children in Johnston County.  Harbor is funded by United Way of the Greater Triangle Agency, State Grants, Federal Grants, Grants from Johnston County and some of the townships within the County.  In addition to those funds and the profit generated by Pizazz they rely heavily on donations and support from our community.  Through these resources they have been able to assist thousands of families achieve independence.

The Johnston Health Foundation was formed in 1992 as a non-profit organization to raise awareness and funds for Johnston Health. Contributions to the Foundation are used to expand and supplement services and assistance to patients, and to fund equipment and capital needs. All gifts ultimately enhance the quality of care that Johnson Health delivers to patients and their families.

The mission of Johnston Health Foundation is to improve the health of the people in our communities by supporting the programs and services of Johnston Health through community leadership and charitable resources.The Johnston Health Foundation supports a variety of programs and services at Johnston Health. Current fundraising efforts by the Foundation include: The Angel Fund, Hospice Fund, Johnston Health Foundation Endowment.

Miracle League of Johnston County is a baseball league for children with physical, cognitive and/or emotional disabilities. The mission of MLOJC is to create positive life experiences for children and adults with special needs and for their families through baseball. 

The 5 Core Values of the Miracle League are:

  • Everything we do should be player-centered and create an accepting, safe, and fun environment.

  • All players with special needs, regardless of race, religion or economic ability, should have the opportunity to participate.

  • Integrity will be practiced in all that we do.

  • Development of people–board, staff, coaches and volunteers–is critical to our success.

  • Collaboration with families and community is critical to our success.

The mission of Me Fine Foundation is to voluntarily provide necessary resources and financial assistance to parents and caregivers with children being treated by Duke and UNC Children’s Hospitals regardless of race, diagnosis, religious affiliation or economic status in memory of Folden Lee, IV.



Me Fine Foundation is a frontline of defense for families with children being treated by Duke and UNC Children’s Hospitals. A North Carolina state and federally recognized not for profit organization, Me Fine Foundation boasts success in not only distributing supplemental financial assistance, but also other necessary resources for families sacrificing their livelihoods in order to provide their children with state-of-the-art or even last chance treatment offered by these renowned facilities. With Me Fine in the trenches on a day to day basis, families with children facing a devastating medical crisis are able to receive personalized attention to their specific sets of needs without red tape, intrusive questions or endless forms. The Me Fine staff has firsthand knowledge of the struggles families face during their journeys, and are on call 24 hours a day to assist in any way possible.


The mission of My Kid’s Club is to encourage and empower youth to grow in character and understanding through studies and opportunities for academic success, civic engagement, and habits that underscore healthy living to achieve their potential as responsible and caring citizens.


Hospice care is an option that focuses on palliative rather than curative treatments. The goal is to reduce pain and suffering while helping the patient to live as fully as possible. While true hospice care takes place at home, sometimes the strain of caring for a loved one is more than family caregivers can handle. That’s when a hospice inpatient center like the SECU Hospice House can assist.

The SECU Hospice House opened in June of 2010 and is an 18-bed hospice care center for the terminally ill. They strive to make each patient’s stay as comfortable as possible for them and their families. The Hospice House is designed to look and feel like home by offering:a full service kitchen, living and dining room, outdoor patios for families to relax, spacious patient rooms, and an inter-faith chapel.

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