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Adopt a Golden Angel

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Provisional Members spearhead

"Adopt a Golden Angel" to meet needs of elderly individuals residing in nursing home 

Provisional Members from JWL's 2020-2021 class developed the Adopt A Golden Angel project and dropped off 150 caddies to residents of Barbour Court Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in May 2021.  Over the course of the pandemic, long term care facilities were hit especially hard and in North Carolina there were 50,476 COVID cases and 5,009 deaths within the 710 facilities affected. With that in mind, these Provisional Members were determined to meet the needs of elderly individuals residing in Barbour Court and bring them  joy by providing them with a variety of items that were both comforting and stimulating that would last throughout the year.

Provisional Members raised funds, collected donated items, and sewed 150 caddies for seniors' wheelchairs and walkers so they may easily transport and access these items as they wish. 

We are very appreciative of the community's donations and support of the Adopt a Golden Angel project! This Provisional group loved spending their time and effort to bring some happiness to local senior citizens, particularly during this year when many couldn’t visit with their families.

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